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EI9GGB-1 2W0SEU-7 09/24 11:49:44z Reply now there is a challenge! accepted! ;) are you on air?{CB}
2W0SEU-7 EI9GGB-1 09/24 11:38:53z Send another to make contact with me via SO50 sat on ure new hh by xmas{41
EI9GGB-1 2W0SEU-7 09/24 11:38:10z Reply I enjoy a challenge,please tell!{10
2W0SEU-7 EI9GGB-1 09/24 11:34:49z Send another all gwd my friend.hope u keeping ok. I have a challenge for u.{40
2W0SEU-7 EI9GGB 09/24 11:34:02z Send another Good afternoom Mike{39
EI9GGB-1 2W0SEU-7 09/24 11:31:20z Reply Hello Malc how are you?{9
IZ5ILX 2W0SEU-7 09/22 21:57:30z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
2W0SEU-7 MM1DOU-9 09/13 14:32:20z Send another hi barry{33
2W0SEU-7 MM0DOU 09/13 14:27:56z Send another hi barry{32
2W0SEU-7 MW1DOU-9 09/13 14:24:41z Send another Greeting's from Snowdon summit{31
2W0SEU-7 M0UNI-9 09/13 13:18:19z Send another Greeting's from Snowdonia{29
2W0SEU-7 EI9GGB 09/13 13:17:17z Send another call u on 2m call c{30
2W0SEU-7 M1DQG-9 09/13 13:16:58z Send another Greeting's from Snowdon summit{28
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 09/13 13:12:14z Reply Id say so,I was calling you a few mins ago{IG}
2W0SEU-7 EI9GGB 09/13 13:08:27z Send another hi mike.very cold up here lol{27
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 09/13 12:59:53z Reply Hi Malc{IF}
2W0SEU-7 S51BJ 09/10 07:41:45z Send another Good morning, 73s de Malc{23
2W0SEU-7 EA3RO 09/10 07:39:22z Send another Good morning, 73s de Malc{19
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 09/08 11:02:59z Reply Hi Malc,I'm QRV 145.500Mhz {GM}
2W0SEU-7 EI8ETB 09/08 10:37:54z Send another Mon EI7MLR rept{18
EI8ETB 2W0SEU-7 09/08 06:27:03z Reply Hello Malc, Greetings from Ireland.
2W0SEU-7 EI8ETB 09/08 06:12:51z Send another Greeting's from Snowdonia{12
2W0SEU-7 EI8ETB 09/08 06:12:50z Send another Greeting's from Snowdonia{11
2W0SEU-7 PE1NTN 09/08 06:12:35z Send another Greeting's from Snowdonia{13
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 09/02 13:06:15z Reply QRV and calling 145.500Mhz atm Malc{FK}
MW1DOU-9 2W0SEU-7 09/02 10:05:18z Reply Did you have any luck with the iss pass Malc?{15
MW1DOU-9 2W0SEU-7 09/02 09:41:54z Reply Good morning Malc {14
2W0SEU-7 MW1DOU-9 09/02 09:40:24z Send another Good morning Barry{10
2W0SEU-7 YU7RD 09/02 09:39:58z Send another Good morning, 73s de Malc{9
2W0SEU-7 SV2CPH-1 09/02 09:38:53z Send another Good morning, 73s de Malc{8
2W0SEU-7 G7HCE-7 09/01 09:05:04z Send another Good morning, 73s de Malc{2
2W0SEU-7 G7HCE-7 09/01 09:04:23z Send another Thank you for the contact{4
2W0SEU-7 IN3EIQ 09/01 09:04:20z Send another Good morning, 73s de Malc{3
G7HCE-7 2W0SEU-7 09/01 09:03:47z Reply AA:73's de David
G7HCE-7 2W0SEU-7 09/01 09:02:54z Reply Hi from Exeter{1
2W0SEU-7 G0MGM-8 09/01 07:28:45z Send another Good morning, 73s de Malc{98
2W0SEU-7 G4BBH 09/01 07:28:11z Send another Good morning, 73s de Malc{96
YO8RAA 2W0SEU-7 08/31 06:49:14z Reply tnx, 73 from north Romania
2W0SEU-7 EI3HGB 08/30 19:38:44z Send another mon EI7MLR{95
EI3HGB 2W0SEU-7 08/30 19:35:48z Reply HELLO FROM MALLOW{2
2W0SEU-7 EI3HGB 08/30 19:33:10z Send another Greeting's from Snowdonia{94
EI3HGB 2W0SEU-7 08/30 19:31:34z Reply HI{1
2W0SEU-7 EI9GGB-9 08/30 19:24:49z Send another Hi mike. it Malc. new callsign{93
2W0SEU-7 YO8RAA 08/30 18:51:31z Send another Greeting's from Snowdonia{92
2W0SEU-7 S51BJ 08/30 10:49:23z Send another Greeting's from Snowdonia{88
2W0SEU-7 G4BBH 08/30 10:49:20z Send another Good morning dick{87
2W0SEU-7 G4BBH 08/29 10:04:26z Send another 73s from Snowdonia{73
2W0SEU-7 IZ2LWA 08/29 10:03:22z Send another Greeting's from Snowdonia{74
EI9GGB 2W0SEU-7 08/28 10:59:22z Reply Is that Malc?{JT}