APRS Packet Errors for PI8ANH-10 (last 24 hours)

This table contains packets in which findU has detected an error. This is an automated system, no manual checking of these packets has been done. Most common cause of this is mistakes in entering the latitude/longitude into hard-coded digis, or positions of 0/0. If packets of yours appear here, and you have looked at it carefully and cannot find the error, look again. I've been watching these error messages in my log, and believe my parser is reasonably correct. Go get the APRS spec to be sure. If you have done that, and are CERTAIN the packet is a legal APRS packet, then it is possible that there is an error in my my parser. Only email me if you are absolutely, positively certain...ask yourself, would I bet $100!

time (UTC)Packet
20180919124324PI8ANH-10>PH0NY,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PQ: 62928720
20180919124328PI8ANH-10>PH0NY,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH0NY 70PXBE75OQ24 183 PD0GHF@winlink.org //WL2K
20180919124328PI8ANH-10>PH0NY,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH0NY PLGW86RKBKVI 201 PD0GHF@winlink.org //wl2k
20180919124329PI8ANH-10>PH0NY,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH0NY TSOCTK3W2MSF 192 PI9DL@winlink.org //wl2k
20180919124329PI8ANH-10>PH0NY,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH0NY ZRE0TII7S60W 414 lor.kutchins@gmail.com License verification
20180919124333PI8ANH-10>PH0NY,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH0NY 29CUX32DESDN 422 PH3J@winlink.org //WL2K De Stille Kracht
20180919124334PI8ANH-10>PH0NY,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH0NY 713RH5RTH1T1 460 PI9DL@winlink.org //WL2K De Volmaakte Hollandsche Keuken-Meid
20180919124334PI8ANH-10>PH0NY,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH0NY 3R2RBNPGKUH7 465 PH3J@winlink.org Re: //wl2k
20180919212025PI8ANH-10>PD0GHF,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PQ: 48423312
20180919212038PI8ANH-10>PD0GHF,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PD0GHF TSOCTK3W2MSF 192 PI9DL@winlink.org //wl2k
20180919212038PI8ANH-10>PD0GHF,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PD0GHF 3R2RBNPGKUH7 465 PH3J@winlink.org Re: //wl2k
20180919212330PI8ANH-10>PD0GHF,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PQ: 37195469
20180919212334PI8ANH-10>PD0GHF,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PD0GHF TSOCTK3W2MSF 192 PI9DL@winlink.org //wl2k
20180919212334PI8ANH-10>PD0GHF,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PD0GHF 3R2RBNPGKUH7 465 PH3J@winlink.org Re: //wl2k
20180919213633PI8ANH-10>PI9DL,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PQ: 11837151
20180919230155PI8ANH-10>PH3J,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PQ: 91998712
20180919230234PI8ANH-10>PH3J,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PQ: 11973209
20180919230539PI8ANH-10>PH3J,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PQ: 26383846
20180919230602PI8ANH-10>PH3J,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH3J OQ2J19CT7YOV 1188 PI8CNL@winlink.org //WL2K P/ Welfare From : PI8CNL is geupgraded naar de nieuwe omgeving@17:42 19-0
20180919230603PI8ANH-10>PH3J,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH3J 3R2RBNPGKUH7 465 PH3J@winlink.org Re: //wl2k
20180919230813PI8ANH-10>PH3J,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PQ: 83290314
20180919230826PI8ANH-10>PH3J,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH3J OQ2J19CT7YOV 1188 PI8CNL@winlink.org //WL2K P/ Welfare From : PI8CNL is geupgraded naar de nieuwe omgeving@17:42 19-0
20180919230827PI8ANH-10>PH3J,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PH3J 3R2RBNPGKUH7 465 PH3J@winlink.org Re: //wl2k
20180920062143PI8ANH-10>PD0GHF,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PQ: 99885151
20180920062150PI8ANH-10>PD0GHF,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PD0GHF TSOCTK3W2MSF 192 PI9DL@winlink.org //wl2k
20180920062150PI8ANH-10>PD0GHF,qAO,PI8ANH-TX:;PM: PD0GHF 3R2RBNPGKUH7 465 PH3J@winlink.org Re: //wl2k